Books for kids

The pupils from 1ère S2 made a book for children. This project was based on the famous children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by the American author-illustrator Eric Carle. When the project was started, the pupils did not know what the inspiration was. They discovered the book only after they had finished their own book.

Here are the photos of the final product : 22 books about the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Pupils had to include anthropomorphic, humourous elements and had to respect the format of a children's book : title and author's name on the front cover, blurb on the back cover and illustrations which corresponded to the life cycle of the just-hatched caterpillar.

Mme Coignard, the arts teacher, helped to give bonuses to the books. She underlined that the majority were beautiful works of art.

Bravo to 1ère S2 for their convincing realisations!

Time capsule

time capsule

What will the world be like 25 years from today ?

The class of TS1 is burying a time capsule in the Lycée Régional de la Montagne on June 4th, 2015.

Some of them will come back to Valdeblore in May of 2040 to open the capsule and remember the good old days, when they were young and preparing to sit their Baccalauréat exams . Maybe they will bring their own children, some of whom could be about the same age as they are today.

They are conserving images, songs, movies, packaging, clothes and other artifacts from the world of 2015 to come back and reminisce about life way back when.